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I can make an informed decision when and how to move my African cargo

If you are an importer, exporter or trader who deals with Africa, you need to know what is happening in your port(s) of loading and discharge. You also need to know what is happening on shore with African road, rail and river connections if you need to get your cargo inland. Port Overview gives you the updates you need on the key African Ports and all hinterland connections. It will limit your risks, and maximize your opportunities either as shipper, receiver or trader.

I get my African Port information from reliable people who know

Port Overview is an independent source of information on African Ports, gathering information on the ground through its network of local editors who are both independent and have the interests of cargo owners at heart. All information supplied publicly by port authorities and operators are checked by these editors and managed by our professional regional representatives in Africa.

I get all the info I need on African Ports on one simple portal

Port Overview’s comprehensive coverage of the African continent means you only need to use one website which is very simple to use, multi-lingual and available 24/7. It only gives you the information that counts, and does so consistently and regularly.

I can take action when exceptions are about to happen

Thanks to the information provided by Port Overview, I am constantly updated not only on past events, but also on expected events such as strikes or other infrastructure disruptions. This allows me to pro-actively handle disruptions rather than merely being subject to them.